The East West Utility Corridor
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** Abbot, Parkman, Kingsbury,
Mayfield, Brighton, Moscow, Bingham  **

                         First Wind
Now %49 owned by Emera, a Canadian company the parent company of Bangor Hydro. Soon to operate  under the name of Northeast Wind Partners.
Emera may be selling its First Wind holdings
to SunEdison of Missouri within the year.

Will this become a portion of a Super Corridor through Maine? One that Angus King stated that he hopes to become part of an East West Corridor if it is built? 1000 feet for turbines, another 500 for a highway and other utilities. Sounds closer to the 2000 feet once stated.

Become informed !
Make your choices based on your knowledge
Watch how the wind blows...
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Welcome to Stop The East West Corridor /Sister Site
Welcome to Stop The East West Corridor /Sister Site
Welcome to Stop The East West Corridor /Sister Site
YouTube Video - Orange Blossom Special
YouTube video - Dick Curless - Tombstone Every Mile
Maine Eastern Railroad
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Stop the Radicals... Those that would Willfully Harm, if not Destroy a Way of Life & Nature for Corporate Profit or Their Own
Working for the Preservation of Maine Community
"The way Life Should Be"
As a Citizen of Maine, I am but "One voice" within a Coalition of Maine Citizens working to Inform our Communities about the potential adverse effects of the Proposed East West Utility Corridor through Maine. Working to protect our Water, Nature, Community, way of Life that the world still desires
Sincere Volunteers Welcome!    Individual!     Community!     State!     National!     Global!     Young & Old alike!
The Way Life Should Be!
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My mission: to stop the East-West Corridor by demonstrating that the project is not in the interest of Maine and that Maine-citizen stakeholders do not want it.
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My expectations: To aid Maine in continuing to provide the world with the Solace of a more stress free society and lifestyle, should it be preserved! -- One it                                         has provide me, for 12 years.  
Through Maine
No Corridor ! No Compromise !
The Corporate
Need of Destruction for Greed !
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Revive Maine's Rails
Revive Maine's Rails
With Safe Freight
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A Rally of Unity
Alliance for the Common Good

Augusta Maine, January 8th 2013.
Augusta Maine, January 8th 2014.
Augusta Maine, January 8th 2015.

All organizations diverse in cause, unite on this day to put forth their concerns, none above another. United to protect Maine , her Nature, her People, her Children, and its Future along with a cherished way of life, ​"The way life should be" from the festering growth of the Corporate Mentality, and the failing governments that it has infected, with corporate greed and its need to destroy or enslave that which denies their passage to profit of self serving individuals with promises to others that fade with the waves and tides of time, amassing only numbers of wealth, not the participation within the wealth of that which nature and community provides for all, mankind and other species alike.

Is MRC Connected to the East-West Corridor ?

♫ Archived ♫ Report by: Amy Browne of WERU Talk Radio * 27.74 Minutes *
Video Clip: Maine Alliance for the Common Good by: WGME
Morning Sentinnel Online Video Clip !

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